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CT 6000 Acoustical Tile for Walls & Ceilings

A precision door that provides a virtually concealed installation, 5/8” gypsum board, keeping acoustical surfaces intact while contributing to sound control with STC rating and better appearance. 

GF 5100 Hinged (GFRG) Panel for Ceilings

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) ceiling panel, specified for residential and commercial applications where discreet, concealed access is desired. 

LW 550 Non-Insulated/AL for Walls & Ceilings

This lightweight, all aluminum precision flush access door for wall and ceiling installation far surpasses other doors because its surround trim is welded on all four sides to the return frame providing strength and rigidity. Aluminum, no corner mittering asthetically preferred by architects and building professionals. 

PB 900 for Plaster for Walls & Ceiling

Designed for all plaster walls and ceilings. The 1/4” safety edge gives the door a strong frame and prevents the plaster from being chipped under normal use. 

RGB 4010 Recessed for Drywall for Walls & Ceilings

Our recessed drywall door gives the option of installing a matching piece of drywall into the door panel keeping the continuity of the visual area. 

Spectre 722 Series

The Spectre 722 Series Drywall Ceiling Access Panel is a cost-effective, durable flush access panel for ceiling installation that is perfect for applications where a concealed appearance is required such as high luxury properties including hotels, apartment complexes, educational facilities, lobbies, and government buildings. Featuring lightweight, Type X fire and impact resistant gypsum board (drywall) construction. making them an excellent choice for use in residential and commercial bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and more. Patent Pending

TITAN MS 100 Medium Security Walls & Ceilings

This door assures medium security whenever it is necessary under insti- tutional conditions. Most detention buildings and mental care facilities require access to vital services in or behind walls, shafts and stairwells.