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RGB AL 4014 Tile with Touch Latch for Walls & Ceilings

The Linhdor RGB AL 4014 is a recessed access door with touch latches. This recessed access panel for tile applications is perfect for environments where there will be a tile finish such as hospitals, bathrooms, locker rooms, or hotels. With a touch latch mechanism, this door avoids the use of any visible latches, therefore, the tile sits flush inside the access doors recess. This recessed touch latch access door/panel is available with 5/8” or 1/2” recess depending the depth of the tile used. 

Spectre 722 Series

The Spectre 722 Series Drywall Ceiling Access Panel is a cost-effective, durable flush access panel for ceiling installation that is perfect for applications where a concealed appearance is required such as high luxury properties including hotels, apartment complexes, educational facilities, lobbies, and government buildings. Featuring lightweight, Type X fire and impact resistant gypsum board (drywall) construction. making them an excellent choice for use in residential and commercial bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and more. Patent Pending